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Upgrade your organization with Aclaimant, the leading Risk Management platform.  Empower your team to digitize your risk management processes, including integrating with key systems and insurance partners, automating your playbook, and creating a new home for your risk management team.

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Aclaimant is a leader in Insurance Claims Management on G2

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Future-proof and streamline your risk management, claims and analytics process in an increasingly complex risk environment
Companies oftentimes find themselves scrambling to retrieve data and condense into more easily understood formats. As they grow, so do their problems. Aclaimant helps your team easily access and analyze incident and claim data in a centralize platform that scales with your team's growth.

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Insight-driven workflows empower you to build a seamless risk management process, from the field to the office

Most companies lack connectivity, relying on paper forms or transferring data manually from email to spreadsheets or traditional RMIS systems. Aclaimant's mobile-friendly platform eliminates redundant task and manual reentry errors so you can submit and manage claims without needing to open another digital platform.

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Aclaimant helps risk managers organize, digitize, and prioritize information with one connected platform.

Electronically submit accurate incidents and claims for triage and escalation.
Digitize all safety procedures and protocols into a single, easy to use tool.
Search and find digitized incident and claims files, notes, and other important information.
Electronically complete required OSHA forms, including OSHA 300, 300a, and 301.
Visualize data into dashboards to glean insight into details about incidents and claims activity.
Effectively support your organization's return to work planning for COVID-19 monitoring and reporting.
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