Manage All Incidents and Claims with One Smart Platform

Digitize your risk management system for breakthrough results that save money and time.

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Aclaimant is the easy-to-use software solution designed for risk managers.

incident intake
Time stops for nothing. Save critical response time and create efficiency with electronically submitted incidents and claims for triage and escalation.
Secure, digitized
incident and claims files
Ensure data is more accurate, usable and secure with a centralized system and the ability to search, tag, rename, and grant or restrict access to files.
OSHA-compliant forms and incident reports
Make compliance, tracking, and management easier with auto-completed reports, OSHA forms, and return-to-work schedules.
Insight-driven claims and systems analytics
Standard or custom dashboards provide actionable insights and greater transparency into incidents and claims activity to help manage and improve processes.
Accessible safety reporting
Mobile and digital access to capture data, including videos, images, and other documentation, with digitized safety procedures and protocols.
Best practices COVID-19 tool
Document and respond quickly to a COVID-19 related workplace incident and adhere to best practices for mitigation and prevention.

Insight-driven workflows to make risk management simpler and better.

From incident and claims management to loss prevention and reporting, Aclaimant empowers risk managers to identify threats — then take immediate action to neutralize them, all with a single, intuitive software solution.


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Aclaimant helps risk managers organize, digitize, and prioritize information with one connected platform.

Electronically submit accurate incidents and claims for triage and escalation.
Digitize all safety procedures and protocols into a single, easy to use tool.
Search and find digitized incident and claims files, notes, and other important information.
Electronically complete required OSHA forms, including OSHA 300, 300a, and 301.
Visualize data into dashboards to glean insight into details about incidents and claims activity.
Effectively support your organization's return to work planning for COVID-19 monitoring and reporting.

To ensure the safety of our employees, we realized we needed technology to better track and control employee COVID-19 exposure. We chose Aclaimant because of their unique ability to quickly create innovative safety solutions specifically designed for our business needs, especially with the release of their new COVID-19 modules.

David Kasab, Director of Health, Safety,
Environmental, Kelly Services

Moving to Aclaimant has allowed for increased productivity, streamlined workflows, and enhanced synergy within the company.

Holly Wozniak, Assistant Risk Manager, GATE

Complete risk management on one connected system.

Aclaimant empowers risk managers with streamlined processes, simplified data capture and storage, auto-filled forms, and other smart tools to help you mitigate risk, company-wide. If you’re looking for an innovative risk management solution, schedule a demo today.